Wednesday 25 June 2008

Back in My Arms Again passport, that is—and my marriage certificate, and driving license.

Unfortunately my time is up! So if I want to drive here, now I have to take practical and theory driving tests. I called the Swansea office for advice, and they told me to look in the Yellow Pages for my local Driving Standards Agency to find where to take them.

So, that will go on my ever-increasing list of projects. I really couldn't be terribly bothered (even after all this) to get my licence here—petrol is so expensive, and public transport so good, that I don't really see the point. Although a nice little hybrid car to take on day trips, to explore the Highlands and Islands, would be grand...but then, at least one wee isle, Eigg, won't usually allow visitors' vehicles.

While BritRail is a thing of the past, unfortunately, the privatized British rail service is still pretty good. So, I'll call it a green decision to put my license-getting at the bottom of my list—for now.

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