Wednesday 21 January 2009

No longer a Bush Exile

No, not moving back, I'm just sayin'! Actually I'm a little hungover from all the emotion—yes, and the bottle of bubbly. A measure of my Americanness (Americousity? Americanicity? hmm) is that I still can't drink during the day without getting a headache. Anyway, my husband and I watched the coverage on the BBC for hours and hours, and both of us crying like babies. When Biden was sworn in it started to dawn on me that it was all really happening.

Later, much later, we took the dog for a walk by the river and Glasgow was so quiet, it felt like the whole thing was our little secret. The Inauguration feels like an omen of good things to come. I won't argue about how hope isn't enough, that a lot of work lies before us all, personally and politically, but everything feels finally possible. Perhaps it always has been, it just takes a different viewpoint.

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