Monday 31 March 2008

Air(ing) America

A measure of homesickness: I watched Judge Judy on TV yesterday, just so I could hear that accent....
OK, I have no right being homesick here, it could be argued, since at any given time of day, you turn on the TV and (if you have a Freeview box) there is an American show on. At the same time as Judge Judy, I could have also picked The Dog Whisperer, Scrubs or The Simpsons.
But I guess it's that no-nonsense New Yorkness about Judy Scheindlin that I miss. My husband says she reminds him of the woman who married us in New York.

(photo of City Hall © Robin Gillett)


Nicky Peacock said...

i'm a little bit in love with the dog whisperer. he's a freakin genius.

Transplant said...

He is!! That show's one of our absolute faves. Calm assertive energy!!