Monday 31 March 2008

Driving Britain

In less than two months I will have been living here (Scotland) for one whole year. Which means I have to get cracking on applying for a provisional GB licence. (If one waits until 12 months have passed, then there's a lot more bureaucracy to deal with, and apparently a driving test is involved. Eek.)

Seems I have to go down to a Post Office® (the ® is still so shocking to me--I cannot get over the fact that Britain privatized/privatised their postal service) and pick up form D1 of the Driver and Vehicle Licencing Agency; alternatively I can apply online. Horrifyingly, I will have to surrender my New York license/licence. I really like that picture. Plus, applying costs 45 pounds! That's 90 dollars!

As an aside, peeking at New York State's DMV website, I got a strange sensation seeing the official writing at the top: David A. Paterson, Governor, David J. Swarts, Commissioner. It has been weird watching that drama unfold from over here, via the Jon Stewart show and the New York Times.... Yes, I read the NYT online every day, in addition to getting my news via the BBC (mostly Radio 4). I don't often read the papers here, too polarized. Polarised. Anyway, that's what I say, but it's really because I'm still slightly homesick. NYT is my way of staying anchored. More on that later.

Cheerio and happy left-side motoring!

(Photo © me)

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